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Recent content by RenoAndy

  1. RenoAndy

    To Infinity and Beyond

    As an engineer and technologist , I just had to get my hands dirty with learning more about this emerging UAV technology about a year ago. I am very excited to see companies like these take on the risks to prove UAV technologies and applications. ============================== For the benefit...
  2. RenoAndy

    CDP Giveaway - Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian!

    Thank God; 2018 is not a leap year!!! (LOL) Can't wait to see who the lucky winner shall be. I will be dreaming from now till well into next month over all the potential applications and modifications I can make with this "Visionary" & "Intelligent" little guy..
  3. RenoAndy

    New Drone Magazine- Awesome!

    Not as far fetched idea as one may initially think... We already have developed the art of the AMMO from opposing perspectives . A bullet enhanced with Multiple Impact™ Technology (a prior-to-impact expansion technology) is designed to compensate for most if not all of the typical marksman's...
  4. RenoAndy

    Greeting from Reno Nevada

    Thanks for the welcome TJ ! Looking forward to learning and gaining insights from this Forum as well as collaborating with the group toward enhancing the applications for this emerging technology.
  5. RenoAndy

    RGB opportunity for Disaster Response

    Good points Outta. I have been very active with civilian emergency response support in the Sierra Nevada area for quite some time and also find that not only does insurance companies find such data useful; so does the National Weather and Forestry service. Changes in water stream or river...
  6. RenoAndy

    Let's have some fun and learn.

    Nice example! Definitely NOT the droid I was looking for ..... But it begs my question as to how you would go about identifying the root cause for the anomaly? Shake a tree branch (LOL)? Attack the problem from a different perspective (or flight angle :) ?? "Please Professor Outta, tell us...
  7. RenoAndy

    Greeting from Reno Nevada

    I'm excited to hear about and join this forum. Just getting my business started and am looking forward to learning from this experienced user group!