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  1. C

    107 Regulation "Flyers"

    Was curious if anyone has stumbled upon a good "flyer" or "pamphlet" that they keep in their back pockets for when someone approaches them concerned about privacy. Something that explains how they are legally operating under 107 and whatnot. Something that is also easy to understand and not...
  2. T

    Online 107 Courses

    Hello Group. I have hit the point in my business that requires me hire a second pilot. I have hired someone, and am looking for recommendations on the best online Part 107 class. I self studied when I took the test, but want to put my hires through a course. I will be providing most of the...
  3. Learn2fly

    Hi, Looking for 107 pilots in WA, ID, IN

    Hi all, Have a very interesting project in agriculture and looking for 107 pilots in multiple locations. To start with we are currently need pilots in the following location Idaho - Boise through Twin Falls to Pocatello and all the way to Idaho Falls Washington - Moses Lake/Sprague/Kennewick...