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360 panorama

  1. Kristina Fowler

    360 aerial pano software (with HOT SPOTS) to create tours on my PC

    I'm in need of a 360 spherical panorama package that will let me create panos (tours) locally (on my PC) with HOT SPOTS and upload to my hosting account and live in its own folder there. Something like PTGui, but with the ability to add HOT SPOTS so viewers can jump from one pano to the other...
  2. Tennessee Drone Services

    360 Sphere Pano via Phantom 4 Pro PLUS

    I utlize Phantom 4 Pro Plus drones in my business. I also utilize Mavic AIr drones as backups for travel. The Mavic Air will build a 360 Sphere pano image that I can then take an either upload to Skypixel or edit the elongated pano in Photoshop and export. The Mavic Air utilizes my Pixel 2...
  3. txDroneCo

    Offering a full Picture for Construction Progress Monitoring

    Who here is currently offering a full picture for construction clients? I'm talking about interior progress monitoring as well. I'm sure that offering an inside look that continues past a dry-in will allow for continued monies. Are there any companies out there already doing this? If so, what...