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aerial photography

  1. GranadaProPhoto

    Hi from Granada, Spain.

    Hi Everyone, Andrew here, professional photographer with Granda Pro Photo, based in southern Spain. I have finished up my A1/A3 drone course and am just waiting for my in-person check-flight to complete the EASA professional drone pilot course (STS). I've been in photography and video since...
  2. V

    Hello from the US Virgin Islands

    Good day all, I'm checking in as a Part 107 certified company from the USVI that goes by the name of VI Aerial Solutions (www.viaerialsolutions.com). We've been in existence from 2017, specializing primarily in real estate photography and aerial video, but we hope to expand into the...
  3. Cinesky

    Construction Promo Video - Dublin

    Hi guys, I just wanted to share a promo video with you that I made recently for a client. I was hired to document a project by 3 large construction, gas and drilling companies (joint project). I happened to be passing the site one day and saw that work was starting and contacted the firm. A...
  4. D

    Complete Aerial Cinema Kit for Sale featuring Freefly Alta 8 and MoviPro

    For sale is a complete RTF heavy lift aerial photography kit, including all components necessary to operate in a set environment. All gear was purchased in mid 2018 to mid 2019. Total investment was north of $52,000. The centerpieces are the Freefly Alta 8 and MoviPro Aerial Bundle. Gear was...
  5. Jason Quickel

    Licensed FAA Commercial Drone Services - San Antonio, Texas

    Hello, my name is Jason Quickel, owner / operator of Aero-Drone Imagery providing FAA licensed commercial drone services to San Antonio Texas and surrounding areas. We are insured and operate using the latest professional grade equipment with a fleet of 4 DJI aircrafts and offer our customers a...