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aerial video

  1. Tennessee Drone Services

    State Tourism Showcasing a Lesser Known Park...

    Here's a relatively recent video I completed back in early December that State Parks released just a couple of weeks ago and is using to showcase a state park in Upper Middle Tennessee. It's a mix of ground and air videography. It was a fun working on that project.
  2. jmonaco

    Sierra Pro Aerial Imaging Says Hello

    Hello from Sierra Pro Aerial Imaging in California. We provide professional commercial unmanned aerial imaging services to clients in the private and public sectors. We help clients achieve their goals faster, safer, with greater insight, more cost-effectively, and with more distinction. To...
  3. S

    I just joined this group! Awesome us Commercial Pilots can start to differentiate from hobbyist

    Im curious if you guys can give me some insight on my video I just launched! people who don't fly drones give me the same response great video even on ones I think suck once I post them! So I hope to get some criticism that will help me get better not stay stagnant! Thanks in advance and...