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agriculture drones

  1. EFT G series drone

    EFT G series drone

    An agricultural drone that is easy and convenient to operate, can spray medicine, sow seeds, fertilize, etc.
  2. Customer case of EFT drone equipped with granule spreader

    Customer case of EFT drone equipped with granule spreader

    The EFT spreader is easy to install and maintain, helping farmers to sow seeds efficiently and evenly.Thanks for the case video from Greece RDS Brand
  3. Z series truss structure design

    Z series truss structure design

    The two models of 30KG and 50KG have a common structure, which makes material preparation more convenient and easier maintenance , very nice
  4. 16L agri drone

    16L agri drone

    An assembly agricultural drone , the spraying is very efficient, simple operation and stable. It can also quickly switch the spreading system, and the price is very friendly to ordinary farmers. be a free pilot. Happy~
  5. drones4india

    Can anyone share list of fertilizers allowed with drone spraying in India

    Recently our colleague informed that government of India has released a series of list of fertilizers, pesticides etc that can be used via drone sprayers Can anyone share me the list , as i am unable to get that