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agriculture drones

  1. P

    DJI Agras Remote ID Module

    We use the DJI Agras MG1P regularly and have had issues with some remote ID modules limiting the range when applied. This has happened with other drones we have as well. Does anyone use the Agras series and have any recommendations for ID modules that have been working?
  2. V

    Matrice 600 Pro

    Used M600P, has 96 hours works like new. just moving to a different platform or I’d still be using this one every day. Can’t beat it. The m600 pro is like a farm truck, it does everything you need and keeps going. Our daily user has over 120 hours and still works like new. Can bundle with Ag...
  3. V

    New Matrice 600 Pro for sale

    This unit was acquired directly from DJI and was a backup unit we never needed. It has never been activated. We have had it for about a year. Comes with a GPC case and two remotes, no batteries. Let me know where and I’ll give you a shipping quote. This drone will last a long time. We have...
  4. drones4india

    Can anyone share list of fertilizers allowed with drone spraying in India

    Recently our colleague informed that government of India has released a series of list of fertilizers, pesticides etc that can be used via drone sprayers Can anyone share me the list , as i am unable to get that