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airspace authiorization

  1. P

    Airspace Scenario

    Class D airspace begins at the surface. If you were 3 miles from an operating control tower and only needed to fly 30 feet up (surrounding trees are higher) would you go through the airspace authorization hoops? A drone law experts says yes. An off the record FAA dude working 107 applicants told...
  2. W

    Hello From Sunny South Florida

    Hey folks, Nice to see a new forum with more of a commercial focus. I own a small production company in South Florida. We offer aerial and ground based services in the area. Both photography and video. We have a fleet of drones and a bunch of cameras/lenses. We also have airspace...
  3. Tennessee Drone Services

    Airspace Authorization Delays

    Are you all experiencing wait times over 90 days for your authorizations? I have one currently that is about 115 days in and when I submitted a follow up email to the correct address on day 91 to check status, there has been no response. This is for an area that has laanc designations, but...