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  1. Skyfall-0D2

    ??PfCO, GVC, A2 CofC & OFQUAL Level 4 ??

    Good morning UK Pilots, I have decided to go for my PfCO, but to hold off until I could do the GVC. I had a comany in mind I was 100% settled on going with, but today I see an offer from another company (let’s call them company ‘B’) offering; PfCO, GVC AND A2 CofC (+ a wee extra free). If...
  2. A

    For Sale (UK only) - DJI Inspire 2 includes Zenmuse X4S and a host of accessories

    Hi, selling my 6 months old DJI Inspire 2 system with Zenmuse X4S camera and gimbal and which includes the following Remote Control (Transmitter) 2 x Propeller Pairs 4 x Intelligent Flight Battery Battery Charger Charging Hub Power Cable USB Cable microSD Card 16GB Vision...