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  1. F

    Freefly Alta 6 w/ Movi M15, Fubata Remote, Accessories, Case

    Feefly Alta 6 Complete Picture (over $25,000 in value!!) Includes: Freefly Alta 6 Freefly Pelican Hard Case Freefly Battery Cradle Futaba T14SG Aircraft Remote + Charger RC FPV Camera + Transmitter + FPV Monitor + Charger 6x Tattu 6S 10,000mah Batteries (less than a year old, functionally...
  2. Visual Captain

    Hello All! from Miami, Florida

    Looking forward to meeting everyone in this community. I shoot mostly cinematography video. you can see my work here at: VisualCaptain – Aerial Drone Video and Photography its a pleasure meeting you! Sookie