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commercial drone busines.

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    Any advise and help please

    Hi all thanks in advance I have just passed my pfco license and I am really confused with how to obtain permission from local properties that are not under your control( within 50m of your flight ) so if I need to take pictures of a house for an estate agent but one person says they are not...
  2. R

    Feed back for GoPilot, Fleet Management tool for drone pilots.

    Hi, I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Robert Erdt. My experience is in large scale and high volume drone operations for telecom and environmental surveying. In this pursuit, I have started an app company called Go Pilot, an end to end solution for done management, linked flight tools...
  3. G

    Dunedin NZ

    Hi, my name is Graham Warman, I run a commercial photography studio in Dunedin, Southern NZ. I’ve just started drone video and stills photography and loving it. It’s a steep learning curve but I think I’m heading in the right direction. See www.grahamwarman.co.nz
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    Hi from Northern California Bay Area

    I started my business "Guidero Aerial Photography" January 2017, I've been flying RC sense the 70's. At this time I'm doing Commercial Real-estate in the Northern CA. I plan on moving into other ventures like Construction, Energy or Media. But I'm open to any suggestions. At this time I'm...