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drone apps

  1. R

    Beta release news sign up - Go Pilot

    Hi Guys, Working on a sweet new project for the commercial drone community. We really needed a more effective way to handle our operations. Also, please reach out if you want to learn more about what we are working. Go Pilot Thanks, Robert
  2. R

    Feed back for GoPilot, Fleet Management tool for drone pilots.

    Hi, I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Robert Erdt. My experience is in large scale and high volume drone operations for telecom and environmental surveying. In this pursuit, I have started an app company called Go Pilot, an end to end solution for done management, linked flight tools...
  3. Tennessee Drone Services

    What are your most used Drone related apps?

    I thought this might be mutually beneficial for all. Here are mine in no particular order: 1. Airmap 2. Verifly 3. Litchi 4. UAV Forecast 5. Drone Deploy 6. Notam 7. QCode 8. Avia Weather