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drone capabilities

  1. N

    Suburban range extender balloon?

    I do work in a suburban area and fly my drone. However, it only goes line of sight from the remote and goggles. Does anyone knew if it was possible to attach a range extender of some sort to a low-altitude (under 1,000 feet so I don’t get in trouble) helium weather balloon to extend the range to...
  2. M

    Starting a drone service with Yuneec Q500 4K, why isn't it more popular? what is it best & worst used for?

    Hello all, I'm new to drones and I'm wondering why isn't the Yuneec Q500 4K isn't more popular, it seems like a steal for the price! A drone with a good battery life, reasonably priced, from a reliable company, that can be insured so if damaged it can be claimed, w/3-axis gimbal for good...
  3. koredewise

    Hello, from Nigeria

    Hi guys my name is korede am from Lagos Nigeria below are some of my pictures taken with an mjc bugs 2w drone
  4. B

    Size vs. Flight Time vs Camera vs...

    It looks like the newest DJI release is "just" going to be a slightly improved Mavic, so I wanted to ask other people what their ideal "next-gen" improvement would be. To me it's been clear for a few years that the game changer will be when someone has a Phantom-like drone that can fly for an...