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drone mapping

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    Drone Mappers in CO/WY: Survey Laws and Drone Mapping

    Hello everyone, Are there any mapping professionals here that work in Colorado or Wyoming and are familiar with what can be done in regards to mapping without a PLS and staying out of trouble with the state survey boards? I'm planning on consulting a lawyer before pursuing this part of the...
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    Looking for some kind of professional society in Kansas/Midwest?

    I'm a new UAS instructor in Kansas and I teach GIS/Remote sensing courses. Anyone in this area know of a good professional society/association I could get involved with? There's always things like the ASPRS but I'm looking more for something smaller and local...er. Any ideas?
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    Drone Mapping with Leica RTK GPS Base Station + Rover | Help

    I recently got into drone mapping and invested a great deal in all the equipment needed. The gear I'm using is the Phantom 4 Pro V2 with the Leica GS18T rover with a base station and have some landing pad GCPs. In short, everything went smoothly until I imported the GPS points I captured with...
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    Info on creating complete deliverable for Golf Course

    Hey folks! Loving this forum and reading thru everything. I have a P4 and I2 and Pix4d. I really have a multi part question regarding golf courses. I am really trying to identify some good niche markets and get my foot in the door. For doing golf courses, I went to the website of one of my...