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drone safety

  1. Ilan Yusim

    Helpful Tips for Flying Your Drone in Cold, Winter Weather ❄️ [Guide | video + article]

    While winter has its limitations, drone flight is still possible. Here's our guide to help you and your drone return home safely. Watch the video and read the article for more advanced tips. Article: SkyWatch Did we miss anything? Feel free to comment.
  2. Ilan Yusim

    Drone Pilots Can Now Get Drone Insurance Directly from Their Flight App of Choice

    If you're using DroneDeploy, Drone Harmony or Map Pilot (by Maps Made Easy) you can now get instant on-demand drone insurance for your planned flight seamlessly from the app. The insurance is up to $10M and fully customizable including: Pre-booking, Additional Insured option, instant policy...