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drone services

  1. empyreanuav!

    Looking for Drone Pilots in Chicago

    My name is Jose, and I'm a co-founder of Empyrean UAV, an early stage startup focused on providing commercial drone services for residential clients. We specialize in high-quality photography, videography, and inspections for homes and properties. We're currently building our network of new and...
  2. Hray09

    Up and Coming new drone business in California

    Hello, I’m new to this forum and new to the drone business world. I have recently started my business and wanted some insight on the type of jobs I can begin with. I currently have a DJI mini 3 pro to work with. Any information would be greatly appreciated
  3. V

    Hello from the US Virgin Islands

    Good day all, I'm checking in as a Part 107 certified company from the USVI that goes by the name of VI Aerial Solutions (www.viaerialsolutions.com). We've been in existence from 2017, specializing primarily in real estate photography and aerial video, but we hope to expand into the...
  4. M

    Starting a drone service with Yuneec Q500 4K, why isn't it more popular? what is it best & worst used for?

    Hello all, I'm new to drones and I'm wondering why isn't the Yuneec Q500 4K isn't more popular, it seems like a steal for the price! A drone with a good battery life, reasonably priced, from a reliable company, that can be insured so if damaged it can be claimed, w/3-axis gimbal for good...
  5. Jason Quickel

    Licensed FAA Commercial Drone Services - San Antonio, Texas

    Hello, my name is Jason Quickel, owner / operator of Aero-Drone Imagery providing FAA licensed commercial drone services to San Antonio Texas and surrounding areas. We are insured and operate using the latest professional grade equipment with a fleet of 4 DJI aircrafts and offer our customers a...