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  1. I

    DJI Zenmuse XT 640x520 30hz Radiometric Sensor for sale

    Have a like new DJI Zenmuse XT 640x520 30hz Radiometric Sensor for sale. Nothing wring with it, I'm changing careers and selling everything. I also have for sale: - Ebee Plus with lots of extras - DJI Inspire 1 with lots of extras - DJI M600 Pro with two sets of batteries - DJI X5 Gimbal -...
  2. B

    NEW ebee sq sensefly with many extras for sale

    NEW!!! SenseFly eBee SQ with many extras. NEVER FLOWN! You will get: 6 batteries (2 previously used, 4 brand new), 5 propellers, 3 packs of propeller rubber bands, 3 battery chargers with all the proper connectors, the modem with usb connector, a spare underbody skin, 4 wings (1 set previously...
  3. J

    Inspire 2 with PPK System - Ultimate Mapping System, No more spending all day setting GCP's

    I have an Inspire 2, 8 batteries, OEM charger, 4 bank rapid charger, X4S camera, GPC GoProfessional hard case and BaamTech PPK system. All items are in like new condition with very little flight time. This system can be used with VRS or a survey grade receiver that are recording during flight to...