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  1. Robert Dunaway

    RTK setup for Firefly6 Pro

    I’m trying to upgrade my Firefly6 to an RTK/PPK system and cannot find any documentation or pictures showing how BEV installed and configured their systems. My FF6 has a 4 pin connector coming out of the back of the pixhawk labeled “RTK”. I know that they originally used an Emlid setup but...
  2. Y

    Wanted: Birdseyeview Firefly6 Payload

    Looking for a camera for the FF6. Well, really just looking for the camera interface, but would be interested in the camera too. Ideally A6000, but any RGB option would be considered.
  3. D

    (SOLD). FIREFLY 6 PRO w/Slantrange 3p sensor For Sale. (SOLD)

    Birdseyeview FIREFLY6 PRO (VTOL) w/SLANTRANGE 3p Sensor for Sale: $5,000 This platform has never flown. Comes with a SLANTRANGE 3p sensor that has approximately 20 missions on it. Package also includes 10 LIHV Batteries, Dynamite Charger, 5 extra props, a repair kit that has not been...