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firmware update problem

  1. T

    RID Compliance with Phantom 4 Multispectral running with DJI's GS Pro - solutions besides external RID broadcast module?

    I'm posting this in the survey/mapping section as that's closer to our actual application although it could also be compared to agricultural - In our workgroup we use a couple of P4 Multispectral's for kelp mapping - the Mavic 3M is being touted as the future solution from DJI for these...
  2. Tennessee Drone Services

    P4P Update: Orange RAW files on shots pointing straight down

    I updated Thursday and flew a job with a P4P+ I didn't notice the issue then. It was 67F here and I did shoot straight down a couple of times. However, I took it out today and had this issue happen as well as the video feed do a 180 on the display. Today it is~20F. I thought it was maybe the...