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for sale

  1. F

    Tattu 22,000mah 6s 25c batteries

    EBAY LISTING (with photos) Used for less than a year on a experimental UAV design. The project was discontinued and I no longer have a use for these batteries. Their chemistry is in excellent condition. They were stored at 3.8V per cell in a climate controlled area for their entire life, and...
  2. MikeA

    ** SOLD *** For Sale DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced Kit

    Hello all, I am selling a DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced Kit in excellent condition. DJI Care expires 10 October 2022. Asking $6000USD shipped in the lower 48 from 37122 Mount Juliet TN. Paypal or cash payment. Listing includes everything needed: case, 6 Batteries, drone with 640 Thermal...
  3. R

    DJI Smart Controller(SOLD)

    For Sale: DJI Smart Controller. Had about 2 hours or less usage. Retired and selling most of my equipment. Will ship on your dime. I can get you other pictures or video upon request. $550.00
  4. D

    (SOLD). FIREFLY 6 PRO w/Slantrange 3p sensor For Sale. (SOLD)

    Birdseyeview FIREFLY6 PRO (VTOL) w/SLANTRANGE 3p Sensor for Sale: $5,000 This platform has never flown. Comes with a SLANTRANGE 3p sensor that has approximately 20 missions on it. Package also includes 10 LIHV Batteries, Dynamite Charger, 5 extra props, a repair kit that has not been...
  5. O

    FOR SALE: DJI Matrice 600 Pro for £2600 (never flown, batteries not included)

    Hi pilots ? We're looking to sell our Matrice 600 Pro. We purchased this when in Malaysia, and couriered the drone straight back to the UK. We didn't manage to get the batteries back, however, as shipping restrictions out of Malaysia for lithium ion batteries are very strict. We will ship...
  6. A

    For Sale (UK only) - DJI Inspire 2 includes Zenmuse X4S and a host of accessories

    Hi, selling my 6 months old DJI Inspire 2 system with Zenmuse X4S camera and gimbal and which includes the following Remote Control (Transmitter) 2 x Propeller Pairs 4 x Intelligent Flight Battery Battery Charger Charging Hub Power Cable USB Cable microSD Card 16GB Vision...