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  1. V

    Hello from the US Virgin Islands

    Good day all, I'm checking in as a Part 107 certified company from the USVI that goes by the name of VI Aerial Solutions (www.viaerialsolutions.com). We've been in existence from 2017, specializing primarily in real estate photography and aerial video, but we hope to expand into the...
  2. M

    Recently licensed pilot in Doylestown, PA area

    Hello group, I am an Information Technology Manager with a diversified managerial career focused on data driven strategic functions. As a leader, with over 25 years of experience, I have a demonstrated track record of designing, selling, managing, staffing, developing, and implementing...
  3. gpro13

    FPV camera on Inspire 1 Pro

    Thought some of you might be interested in fitting a 2nd camera (FPV) to the above drone and problems encountered. The problem I had was that when flying with a camera person (slave controller) it was not always clear from the LOS aircraft in which direction it was flying or pointing...
  4. A

    FCC and non-approved video Tx

    I recently learned that most (or many) Tx for 5.8GHz video do not have FCC approval and so need a license to be operated (legally). Any Tx that is approved carries an FCC number. I have a couple of quads that transmit the video signal via a 5.8GHz Tx that do not carry any FCC marking. Most...