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  1. R

    Looking for some kind of professional society in Kansas/Midwest?

    I'm a new UAS instructor in Kansas and I teach GIS/Remote sensing courses. Anyone in this area know of a good professional society/association I could get involved with? There's always things like the ASPRS but I'm looking more for something smaller and local...er. Any ideas?
  2. M

    Recently licensed pilot in Doylestown, PA area

    Hello group, I am an Information Technology Manager with a diversified managerial career focused on data driven strategic functions. As a leader, with over 25 years of experience, I have a demonstrated track record of designing, selling, managing, staffing, developing, and implementing...
  3. REpro321

    GIS/Mapping/Surveying Capabilities?

    #1 Hello all, I just purchased a Yuneec H Plus a few months ago and I absolutely love taking the bird out for flights on the weekends. I am in the real estate field and so I have started a small side business doing aerial photography for real estate agents. However, I also have quite a bit of...
  4. R

    Greetings from North Central Texas

    I was ready to fly when 107 went live. I am a program manager for a state institution and fly in support of our construction projects. The rest of the flights are mainly mapping missions to record current conditions at various location on our property (almost 300 acres). When I am not flying I...
  5. J

    Using the DJI Spark for mapping

    Hi all! TL : DR - I am looking into using a "selfie" drone to do GIS mapping (not surveying). Follow along with my adventures if you so choose! ***EDIT*** Just want to add, this thread is not a discussion on if there are better options than a Spark (of course there are) so you can keep those...
  6. J

    GIS in Virginia

    Hello everyone! This is great timing as I just joined the drone world (by way of SparkPilots) but have been very much keeping up with the trends in UAV/UAS technology over the years as it very much is used in the GIS (Geographic Information System) industry. At work we are using a Phantom 4...