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  1. Randall Warnas

    Drones for Solar Inspection Webinar (FLIR/Raptor Maps)

    Hey Everyone, A lot of you will be seeing this in your email as well. Next week I will be co-hosting a webinar with our friends at Raptor Maps discussing solar panel inspections with drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras. This is a live 30 minute presentation that will conclude with a...
  2. narkedfrog77

    Cell Tower Components

    Greetings, The other day I flew over a cell tower. I captured a few images and was wondering what some of the components are. I have done a little research online, but am having a hard time identifying some of the components. I know what the antennas are, but what are the boxes positioned on...
  3. Raptor

    Howdy from Kingwood, TX

    Happy New Year to everyone! My drone services business is based out of Kingwood, TX, just north of Houston. I provide services in a number of areas but specialize in aerial surveys and surface mining stockpile analysis. Aerial Photography Aerial Videography Aerial Surveys Aerial Inspections...
  4. jmonaco

    Sierra Pro Aerial Imaging Says Hello

    Hello from Sierra Pro Aerial Imaging in California. We provide professional commercial unmanned aerial imaging services to clients in the private and public sectors. We help clients achieve their goals faster, safer, with greater insight, more cost-effectively, and with more distinction. To...
  5. BritishBigfoot

    UK Insurance & Aerial Inspection - a brief overview

    Hi all, you're here probably because you are 1. in the UK and/or 2. trying to figure out how to get in with insurers to gain work. This stuff applies to the US too, to a degree. Not sure about prices though. Most insurance brokers are selling the products, they are not necessarily the people...
  6. Tennessee Drone Services

    Inspecting an Inground Holding Tank

    I had a request for bid come in yesterday for inspecting the inside of an inground holding tank. Have any of you ever been asked to inspect the inside of a 1,500 gallon holding tank buried in the ground? I assume that if I stand over the opening I should be able to maintain connection, but I'm...
  7. Joseph Martinez

    Hello from guy that wants a free drone!

    Actually in all honesty yes I would love a free drone. Although I am glad I saw the ad for the giveaway as it gave me an incentive to sign up and start asking questions. So first off, hello my name is Joey, I'm very green when it comes to drones. My neighbor gave me a drone and said I can have...