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  1. Nitz

    Underwater Drone?

    Anyone know of some quality Underwater drones or use an underwater drone? I got an email from our natural resources group who wanted to know if this was a capability in the market today. We have a few lakes and dams that we manage that they would like to use a drone to get the conditions...
  2. G

    Can a P4P do this type of jobs ?

    Required imagery shall include five (5) high resolution visual (RGB) photographs (20 megapixels or above) plus one (1) thermal (radiometric jpeg) image. I had a request for quote, to conduct power lines inspections but I do not know what are they talking about.Your help will be greatly...
  3. AVBud

    Greetings from Ohio

    We are a commercial UAS Service Provider located in Akron and Columbus, Ohio USA.. Primarily we focus on commercial roof and building envelope inspections, FLIR Thermal Infra-Red Scans and construction site documentation using photogrammetry. Also doing high end commercial and retail property...
  4. Jesse G

    Advice for getting into the industry

    Looking to get into wind turbine inspections and hoping for some pointers from anyone with this type of experience as far as what these type of clients want. Do most only want video footage? Stills and video? Being a land surveyor I have equipment(robotic total stations) to create extremely...