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inspire 1

  1. I

    DJI Zenmuse XT 640x520 30hz Radiometric Sensor for sale

    Have a like new DJI Zenmuse XT 640x520 30hz Radiometric Sensor for sale. Nothing wring with it, I'm changing careers and selling everything. I also have for sale: - Ebee Plus with lots of extras - DJI Inspire 1 with lots of extras - DJI M600 Pro with two sets of batteries - DJI X5 Gimbal -...
  2. SWA Pilot

    Learning about mapping

    Trying to get survey job using my inspire 1. I need to get my inspire 1 skills flying autonomous programs up to speed quick. Other than just go fly.....any suggestions? If you‘re wondering who would hire this tool?....I’m not the only guy they are using. And I don’t have the job. Trying...
  3. Ryan Weaver

    How to tell which motor failed?

    So I was flying last evening and my drone (DJI Inspire 1) spiraled out of the air and landed in a field. Fortunately no damage done (expect for nerves) since I flipped the landing gear down and it landed upright in soft ground. I did not hit anything. I had line of sight and I was over an open...
  4. Orange Bird

    Ground Station Pro

    This is not a solar question per se, it could be asked in a number of forums. I used the solar forum since I was inspecting a solar farm. Have been using Drone Deploy of a couple of years now and never had any problems but I had a client that demanded I use GS Pro. I flew three missions with...
  5. RemoteAerialLLC

    FLIR secondary hard mounted to Inspire 1

    Here’s my setup: Inspire 1v2 with Zenmuse Z3 camera FLIR Vue Pro 640 9mm 30hz 2.4ghz Tx and Rx 7” battery LCD monitor I’ve been testing this with our local SAR dog team, but we haven’t had an incident yet to use it on. I also have Red/White and Green/White LED strobes and LED spotlights that...
  6. RemoteAerialLLC

    1yr old and ready for warm weather again!

    Hello. I am the owner of Remote Aerial based in Louisville, KY. Originally I got into the business as a first responder (firefighter) but our area has not been super receptive yet due to an incident with our city department. I’ve since moved on to provide site surveillance and slow mo video for...