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  1. N

    Hello from Italy!

    Hello, my name is Nicolai Valenti, I'm a drone pilot and an airplane private pilot student. I love building and designing both multicopters and fixed-wing UAV, I run a small company which produces hybrid drones www.sandwichaero.com
  2. amsjohn21


    Hello Everyone,ru o I am John Reynolds, and I own a DSP that also does events. When working on certain event, regardless if it's a Real Estate Shoot to a Wedding, I have produced full video with the footage. We are targeting mapping projects, especially roofing. I hope to target roofing...
  3. teamdirtydrone

    Los Angeles Drone Op - Exercise in Futility

    Oh hey! I'm a drone op, or aerial cinematographer, in the good old L of A, Los Angeles, the city of angels, and the mass spread of unaffordable housing and ridiculous drone regulations. Regardless, I'm not leaving, except for some trips here and there for drone footage for a burgeoning stock...
  4. S

    Greetings from Spring Hill Florida

    I am mostly into nature and wildlife photography. My website is www.franksphotos.com. I have been flying since the P1. I purchased my UAV primarily as a flying camera to get wildlife photographs in places that are generally inaccessible. Have been a bit disappointed at the preponderance of...
  5. G

    Forensic Photography & Drones

    I am a forensic photographer and photographic/video analyst and sometimes use a drone for aerial views of scenes that I am photographing for civil legal matters. I'm in Orange County, CA - but work cases throughout the US - although I have not done any drone photography outside of Southern...
  6. Phil at Aeriallens

    Hello from South Carolina

    Hey there, my name is Phil Tuggle and after being on the PhantomPilots forum for quite a while, I'm happy to say hello here as another commercial dude. Got my "107" passed the last day of August, 2016 -- chompin' at the bit! I'm a Wilmington NC native now living in mid-SC and shoot photography...
  7. Ethan Unzicker

    Heyo from Ohio!

    My name's Ethan Unzicker and I fly for Erie MetroParks - our county conservation park district. We just started using drones last year for aerial photo/video and a little bit of mapping (more of that will be happening this year). Here's a link to a video we did last year highlighting the...
  8. B_Dawson

    Greetings from North Texas!

    Hi, my name is Brandon Dawson and I live in McKinney, TX. I've had my Part 107 license for about a year now and am looking to start doing some commercial work outside of my day-job which has me flying a quadcopter every once in a while for some reason or another. I started flying RC...
  9. S

    Howdy from Austin area

    Thanks for having me.
  10. karaemurphy

    Hello from Michigan

    Hey there, Recent transplant from the Bay Area. I first picked up a drone in 2014 and have been flying regularly since November, 2015. I got my Part 107 certification in January of 2017 and have been taking on remote pilot gigs ever since. I've written for Drone360 Magazine, iQ by Intel, and...
  11. Travis Wiley

    Greetings from the Midwest

    I got interested in UAVs several years ago, when I bought my first one. It took a while to convince the wife on the expense, but it's been a great adventure. I have recently started a UAV department in the company I work for. We do environmental work and have gotten great responses from the UAV...
  12. Lance Miller

    Lance from Wise Guy Aerial

    Hi all! I am an insured and Part 107 licensed flying robot jockey based in beautiful, rural Central New Jersey. Currently working to get my service business off the ground, pun intended. Greatly enjoying artistic aerial photography and editing, and very interested in mapping and modeling...
  13. Ravenflight

    Ravenflight in Nashville, TN

    Hi! I'm a photographer, web developer and, since November 2017, a licensed UAS pilot. My wife and I started a business offering related services to realtors and local businesses in October of 2017 with an eye toward eventually developing campus maps and virtual tours for higher education...
  14. M

    Hello from San Antonio!

    Hello there! I operate an aerial photography and videography company out of San Antonio, TX. I have my Part 107 and have been flying the DJI platform since 2012. I currently fly a Phantom 3 Pro and an Inspire 2. I use Adobe Creative Cloud for my editing and Verifly for my insurance. I do...
  15. A

    Greetings from Southeast Alaska

    Background: Started a small aerial imaging service (SEAKdrones) in Southeast Alaska, near Ketchikan, following retirement from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) as a federal land manager in CO, UT, AZ NV and CA. Initially interested in real estate photography but have expanded to include...
  16. Tennessee Drone Services

    Hello from Frozen Tennessee

    Hi all! I've been looking for this forum for some time and glad they finally made it. My company services the state of Tennessee and portions of the surrounding areas. We do work for the dept of state tourism (and county tourism) the division of state parks, marketing shoots, real estate...
  17. J

    Hello From South Dakota

    Greetings from South Dakota. I am a drone pilot currently working on getting a commercial license. I have previously owned an Autel X-Star Premium and currently fly a DJI Mavic Pro. I look forward to joining the Commercial Drone community. Happy Flying!