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  1. D

    Business work

    Hi guys/girls, just got my part 107, my parents and I run a small business now in construction ... I like the thought of starting my own drone company... other than LLC, how would I go about starting this company up? I have some DJI drones already registered also.. insurance..? Hourly rate? Per...
  2. Learn2fly

    Hi, Looking for 107 pilots in WA, ID, IN

    Hi all, Have a very interesting project in agriculture and looking for 107 pilots in multiple locations. To start with we are currently need pilots in the following location Idaho - Boise through Twin Falls to Pocatello and all the way to Idaho Falls Washington - Moses Lake/Sprague/Kennewick...
  3. J

    Should I try for a UAS degree?

    I’m a second semester freshman at a college which has an aerospace program. I am in the pilot program right now, but I’ve heard it’s cheaper if I get it outside of class, so I’m probably going to move majors. While flight dispatch would be the safest option since it provides a stable amount of...
  4. A

    Looking for a job

    My name is Alexander Gulow. I am a recent graduate of a flight school that specializes in Unmanned vehicles. I got an associates in applied science with specialization in U.A.S. I have used and am familiar with military & commercial technology. I am very passionate about this field, having...