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  1. E

    North Carolina sUAS Launch/Recovery Rule

    I've been reviewing the NC state laws related to sUAS use and noticed it states that you may not launch or recover your drone from any property that is privately or state owned without consent. While there are many places airspace use is otherwise fine per Part 107, does this mean that (other...
  2. iReviewFrozenDinners

    US v. Causby (1946) and what altitude can you legally fly at over someone's property

    This sometimes comes up on the /r/drones subreddit that I help moderate and wanted to get your guys' thoughts and maybe even some clarification from people smarter and more knowledgeable than I. Some people are claiming that people have ownership of airspace above their property, more...
  3. A

    Any advise and help please

    Hi all thanks in advance I have just passed my pfco license and I am really confused with how to obtain permission from local properties that are not under your control( within 50m of your flight ) so if I need to take pictures of a house for an estate agent but one person says they are not...