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  1. SSS_Matrice200

    M200 CCW Propellers wobble on motor drive shaft

    I have 2018 Matrice 200 with about 100 hours on it. Recently during bootup noticed both of the CCW propellers make an audible noise and wobble/rock slightly when the drone completes its motor/ESC "twitch" checks. I replaced propellers with new ones and the issue remains unchanged. With the prop...
  2. Vanguard Aerial

    * SOLD * : Matrice M210 Backup Aircraft, Perfect and Low Hours - $5999

    I'm selling a complete Matrice M210 package that has been a backup aircraft for me and has very little use, including brand new TB55 flight batteries. The full kit includes: Matrice 210 with 3:35 minutes total verified flight time Cendence Transmitter CrystalSky 7.85" High Brightness Monitor...
  3. S


    Cheers to everybody from Kazakhstan! I have been playing with the idea of starting thermal inspection business with UAV for quite a long time. After deep and exhausting searching through forums I came up with two solutions, which are the most sutable ones for given task. Of course you all know...
  4. J

    Slantrange 3p multispectral camera

    Almost new condition, with M200 mounting kit. £2900, in the UK. pm for pics and more details. Thanks
  5. J

    M200 TB55 Batteries - lighty used

    Have 6 (3 pairs) of lightly used TB55 Batteries - 6-7 charges max. In the UK. £290 each. Shipping £10 per pair. Thanks