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  1. GsquaredAerials

    SOLD: M30T Thermal Drone | 8 Batteries | 2 Hard Cases | Extras |

    Hi All. I'm selling my M30T package that I purchased brand new in July 2023 from Florida Drone Supply. My goal was to use it as a future way to earn an income in the event I lost my job. However since last November, the work load at my job has kept me so busy that I haven't spent any time...
  2. GsquaredAerials

    Listing removed

    Removed listing.
  3. GtoJon

    * SOLD * Matrice 30T with extras for sale

    It is perfect & does everything it was intended for, but just won't work as a backup for my photography. I thought it would work as a SAR for my community & good backup. It has about 15 flights on it & works perfectly in every way. Comes with M30T, RC Plus Pro, 6 batteries, top mount, DJI Pro...