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  1. Outta Control

    Thinning the heard. FS: DJI XT 640/30/13 Radiometric V1

    As the title says I am thinning my IR tools. So what we have here is a unused XT that was a replacement for my original XT from DJI. It has never been mounted. Price:$ 6500 obo + shipping.
  2. H

    Recommended Multispectral camera for M600 pro

    Looking for recommendations on a m600 pro multispectral camera that will work with the x5 gimbal.
  3. DroneGal

    DJI M600 with Zenmuse Z15 for the GH4 and an Extra Battery Set

    SHORT PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Assembled and Ready to Fly Works with Zenmuse Gimbals / Cameras Works with Ronin-MX Gimbal Up to 33 Pound Total Take-Off Weight Integrated Lightbridge 2 Support Full HD 1080p Live Monitoring DJI A3 Flight Control System Controllable with DJI Go App Retractable Landing...