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matrice 600

  1. O

    FOR SALE: DJI Matrice 600 Pro for £2600 (never flown, batteries not included)

    Hi pilots 👋 We're looking to sell our Matrice 600 Pro. We purchased this when in Malaysia, and couriered the drone straight back to the UK. We didn't manage to get the batteries back, however, as shipping restrictions out of Malaysia for lithium ion batteries are very strict. We will ship...
  2. B

    Australia tuning in :-) Hi guys i am new in the commercial drone world.

    Hello guys, I am Australian and live in Queensland. i got my remote pilot license and in process of getting my operators license. I have a phantom 4 pro, and inspire 1, a Matrices 600 and a 600 pro. Like i said i am a newbie in this world of drone.