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  1. N

    Parrot Sequoia – Phantom 3 Pro – For Sale – $1,900

    Parrot Sequoia Multispectral Camera fully rigged on Phantom 3 Pro and ready-to-fly. Includes 2 batteries, charger, remote controller, propellers, illumination sensor (with integrated GPS/IMU), calibration panel, and hard case and accessories for Sequoia. I’ve used this system successfully on...
  2. ArrUnTuS

    Multispectral example

    Hi I published an example in another thread but it was a failure because of a mistake on my part. This example is some plots of wheat that were badly affected by some brutal hailstorms that we had in the area 3 weeks ago. You can clearly see the consequences of the upper part, the hail did...
  3. H

    Recommended Multispectral camera for M600 pro

    Looking for recommendations on a m600 pro multispectral camera that will work with the x5 gimbal.
  4. J

    Slantrange 3p multispectral camera

    Almost new condition, with M200 mounting kit. £2900, in the UK. pm for pics and more details. Thanks