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  1. R

    Advice Needed, Flying Offshore of the Big Island

    Hi all, I'm planning to do some offshore flying from the Big Island in 2020 and I'm looking for some local knowledge so I can better plan my trip. 1. Are there times of the year that I should avoid flying because of weather/wind? 2. I've read some threads about taking off/landing from boats...
  2. RamirezPortela

    Take off and landing on cruise ship (while its navigating)

    Has anyone flown (take off and landing) on a cruise vessel while its cruising? Probable to get job with cruise line on small vessel to shoot for their company. Ship's top cruising speed is 16 knots. My drone is a Mavic 2 Pro. Trying to plan ahead. Thanks in advance!
  3. P

    Phill Pittman _ Based in Dallas Tx.

    Performing and consulting/training in reverse engineering, laser scannng, photogrammetry and organic nurbs modeling have occupied the bulk of my work days for over two decades. I'll be sharing how drones and photogrammetry have influenced my workflow as well as enabling huge advances in data...