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parrot sequoia

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    Parrot sequoia multispectral sensor

    Parrot sequoia multispectral sensor. £1500 Based in Romsey, Hampshire Included: Multispectral sensor Sunshine sensor Calibration board Sensor protective case Not included: Original case USB cables Sensor mounts It does not include the USB cable, however this can be easily sourced, and you...
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    NEW ebee sq sensefly with many extras for sale

    NEW!!! SenseFly eBee SQ with many extras. NEVER FLOWN! You will get: 6 batteries (2 previously used, 4 brand new), 5 propellers, 3 packs of propeller rubber bands, 3 battery chargers with all the proper connectors, the modem with usb connector, a spare underbody skin, 4 wings (1 set previously...
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    Parrot Sequoia – Phantom 3 Pro – For Sale – $1,900

    Parrot Sequoia Multispectral Camera fully rigged on Phantom 3 Pro and ready-to-fly. Includes 2 batteries, charger, remote controller, propellers, illumination sensor (with integrated GPS/IMU), calibration panel, and hard case and accessories for Sequoia. I’ve used this system successfully on...
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    Parrot Sequoia £2,999

    We have a new Parrot Sequoia for sale on ebay: Parrot Sequoia Multispectral Mapping Sensor | eBay The item was purchased in advance of an anticipated work for a contract that was cancelled. The sensor was tested for functionality in the lab. All original packaging and items are included with...