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  1. GranadaProPhoto

    Hi from Granada, Spain.

    Hi Everyone, Andrew here, professional photographer with Granda Pro Photo, based in southern Spain. I have finished up my A1/A3 drone course and am just waiting for my in-person check-flight to complete the EASA professional drone pilot course (STS). I've been in photography and video since...
  2. M

    Recently licensed pilot in Doylestown, PA area

    Hello group, I am an Information Technology Manager with a diversified managerial career focused on data driven strategic functions. As a leader, with over 25 years of experience, I have a demonstrated track record of designing, selling, managing, staffing, developing, and implementing...
  3. karaemurphy

    SkyPixel announces photo contest winners

    SkyPixel just announced the winners of their annual photo contest. Some really good stuff here. SkyPixel - Connecting Creativity
  4. karaemurphy

    Classes for photography and videography?

    I'm currently writing an article about this, wondering anyhow: what photography classes, both online and off, are you taking to improve your photography and videography skills. I'm going to DJI Aerial Photo Academy next week and really enjoy Justin Odisho's videos for Adobe Premiere Pro...
  5. G

    Dunedin NZ

    Hi, my name is Graham Warman, I run a commercial photography studio in Dunedin, Southern NZ. I’ve just started drone video and stills photography and loving it. It’s a steep learning curve but I think I’m heading in the right direction. See www.grahamwarman.co.nz
  6. Marcin

    Greetings from southern Poland

    Hi All the Pilots! I am a certified UAV operator, proudly calling myself the pilot. I run an UAV aerial imaging business located in Katowice, Poland since 2014 providing imaging in RGB, NIR and thermal IR to various industries from civil engineering, mining, insurance to environmental...
  7. J

    Retired military in Bamberg Germany flying drones

    Hello to all. I’m recently retired from US military and making a go with drone video/photo business to keep busy and to have fun. With our current line up of drones (DJI Spark, P4P; GoPro Karma) Joe’s Drones will be providing footage of churches for wedding DVDs, tourism DVDs of German cities...
  8. Joseph Martinez

    Lightweight drone backpack

    I had searched for a few years before I found the perfect 1-3 day hiking backpack. The Litus22 from The North Face is where I landed. I have a hike coming up on the 27th and wanted to take my new drone with me but hated all of the "drone" backpacks. They are all way to big, bulky, and heavy for...
  9. IrishmanPDX

    Greetings from Portland Oregon

    Hi There, moved from Ireland to the states back in '09, have always had a passion for photography and now that the drone business has taken off (pun intended) I'm really enjoying having this extra medium to work with. Right now I'm using my drones purely for photography, videography and...