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smart controller

  1. R

    DJI Smart Controller(SOLD)

    For Sale: DJI Smart Controller. Had about 2 hours or less usage. Retired and selling most of my equipment. Will ship on your dime. I can get you other pictures or video upon request. $550.00
  2. Z

    DJI Smart Controller use with Phantom 4 Pro V2

    So Ive posted this question on numerous forums and websites with zero answer so far. DJI customer support chat didn't even have an answer for me. One last try before I return this thing and get a CrystalSky monitor. I purchased a Smart Controller to go with my 4P V2, mainly for increased...
  3. JoeDimwit

    I need a bit of help with setting up a waypoint mission...

    I work for a well known manufacturing company as an electrician, but i also fly a Mavic 2ED for them on occasion (yes, I have my Part 107 certificate). They are in the process of building a new factory building, and the project manager heard about our little group of drone pilots. This manager...