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  1. J

    New X5 High Precision Multi-band GNSS Receiver low cost for PPK Aerial Drone Survey

    The guys at mettatec.com have just released two products (PPK module for Phantom 4 Pro and GNSS Smart Antenna with Receiver PPK/RTK/NTRIP) based on their new high-precision multi-band GNSS module, called the X5GNSS. I am testing the two modules to perform flights in PPK with the Phantom 4. The...
  2. S

    Survey Signs (hi rises, billboards, building signs, etc)

    Hi, all! Wondering if solutions already exist for this. I’m looking for a solution that will allow the operator to (1) take a reference photo of an object directly in front of the drone while (2) getting a distance measurement to said object. The idea is with the distance data, I can...
  3. Scott Hansen

    Drone deploy Business level paid subscription

    hi All, Just wondering if anyone here is using Drone Deploy’s upper level paid service. Im trying to getting 1/10’ elevaton accuracy with my P4P and it looks like you have to go to the Business Level to get the GCP’s option. Is it worth it? Scott
  4. A

    Pix4D or Datumate Photogrammetry Software?

    Hi all, I've been using Pix4D for about a year and a half now and feel very comfortable with the workflow and have had a lot of success. That being said, I'm interested in what Datumate might have to offer. Curious what others on here are using and what they like about it. Here's a couple of...
  5. F

    Traverse City Michigan @flyindrones (Twitter) Introduction

    Hello Everyone, We have been providing maps and aerial photography for a little over a year. I am partnering with Contour Geographic, contourgeoraphic.com providing high resolution interactive solutions for real estate. We have unique solutions, which can be offered to agents even without the...
  6. D

    Has anyone formed a partnership with a Surveyor?

    So many states have such strict laws on surveying and what it means. I'm not out to conduct ANY surveying, but have clients that want stockpiles, basic contours for rough estimates, etc. Thinking of partnering with a registered PLS company that isn't interested in drones. Has anyone done this? I...
  7. IrishmanPDX

    Greetings from Portland Oregon

    Hi There, moved from Ireland to the states back in '09, have always had a passion for photography and now that the drone business has taken off (pun intended) I'm really enjoying having this extra medium to work with. Right now I'm using my drones purely for photography, videography and...