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  1. R

    Greetings from North Central Texas

    I was ready to fly when 107 went live. I am a program manager for a state institution and fly in support of our construction projects. The rest of the flights are mainly mapping missions to record current conditions at various location on our property (almost 300 acres). When I am not flying I...
  2. Jason Quickel

    Licensed FAA Commercial Drone Services - San Antonio, Texas

    Hello, my name is Jason Quickel, owner / operator of Aero-Drone Imagery providing FAA licensed commercial drone services to San Antonio Texas and surrounding areas. We are insured and operate using the latest professional grade equipment with a fleet of 4 DJI aircrafts and offer our customers a...
  3. Raptor

    Howdy from Kingwood, TX

    Happy New Year to everyone! My drone services business is based out of Kingwood, TX, just north of Houston. I provide services in a number of areas but specialize in aerial surveys and surface mining stockpile analysis. Aerial Photography Aerial Videography Aerial Surveys Aerial Inspections...