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thermal camera

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    For sale Autel evo II duel T v2 with smart controler

    This is a almost new Autel EVO 2 duel T version 2 with the version 2 smart controller. Comes with 4 batteries and hard case. Has been flown 2 times for a total of an hour. This is a 12000.00 bundle. Flys great and has great 640 thermal and 8k RGB cameras. I would love to keep it but my biggest...
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    Advantages and disadvantages of 12 μm UAV thermal Imaging Movement

    12 μm is stronger than 17 μm, there's no doubt about it.In March 2018, at the IWA2018 exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, I saw the IRay’s 12 μm 640, 384 detector. After a year of contact with IRay, I successfully tried the latest 12 μm outdoor thermal monocular in the previous period. That’s...