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  1. M

    Starting a drone service with Yuneec Q500 4K, why isn't it more popular? what is it best & worst used for?

    Hello all, I'm new to drones and I'm wondering why isn't the Yuneec Q500 4K isn't more popular, it seems like a steal for the price! A drone with a good battery life, reasonably priced, from a reliable company, that can be insured so if damaged it can be claimed, w/3-axis gimbal for good...
  2. Apollo11capcom

    SOLD! final price. Autel Evo Package Deal

    SOLD! Reduced, final price... For sale: Autel Evo with lots of extras! This drone is an absolutely fantastic, reliable piece of engineering that I'd like to hang on to, but I have to finance the purchase of another camera for another drone. If you buy one new, you'll likely have to buy most...
  3. A

    Denver Here

    Hello All. New to the drone world and looking to get my Part 107. Would love to find some side jobs and grow my resume in the meantime. Currently own a Typhoon H and I love to fly it and practice. Hope this site will help motivate me to be active in the drone world. Cheers. Al
  4. YourSky

    Another Hello from Colorado

    Hello CDP members. I just started a new aerial videography company here in Colorado Springs, CO. I am available for services throughout the entire state and have already completed my Part 107. Since I am fairly new to the industry, I would love to hear what type of services everyone offers...
  5. Joseph Martinez

    Hello from guy that wants a free drone!

    Actually in all honesty yes I would love a free drone. Although I am glad I saw the ad for the giveaway as it gave me an incentive to sign up and start asking questions. So first off, hello my name is Joey, I'm very green when it comes to drones. My neighbor gave me a drone and said I can have...