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Data Analysis and Drone Operations Management


Jun 17, 2019
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I think this could be split into two threads and one placed where it may get more traction, but thought I'd check here first.

We are a small Public Utility District and just purchased our first drone. Inspire 2 with X5s and a 14-42 lens. I am the only licensed pilot at this time and we're creating this "program" from the ground up. There are a ton of resources online which has been very helpful in drafting our policy, things to look for etc...

Data Anlysis:
Right now, our data collection just consists of still photos and some video for pole and line inspections. The quantity is small enough we can handle things after each flight with no problem but as we dive into more uses and more full time use, that will quickly become a full time job in and of itself. Downloading and making sense of the data. We have viewed a demo of the Optelos software and it's pretty darn impressive what it can do, but quite expensive. Seems very worthwhile once things scale up. I guess my question is, does anyone who works for or performs work for a public utility use any of these AI analysis type services? The two I've ran across are Optelos and Scopito. What are some others to look at?

Operations Management:
We really only have our practice flights in, so going through the process of planning and requesting an operation, pre/post flight checklists, flight logs etc... are all done on paper. Being in Oregon as a public body we are required to have annual reporting of our flights, their locations and purpose. We are looking for an operations management platform that can ideally be our one stop shop for operation requests, flight logs, reports, requesting and approving missions, checklists and maintenance logs. Services like Skyward and Kittyhawk are the big players and I have used Skyward from a solo pilot standpoint and enjoy it. Haven't been able to trial any paid services yet. Our service area has some Class E surface and Class D areas so LAANC is a big bonus like with skyward and kittyhawk, but not a requirement.

Does anyone have any experience with a platform of this nature and have any insight from a business standpoint?

Tabeer mubin

Sep 8, 2021
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Businesses are deploying drones to accomplish an ever-expanding range of tasks - and with each of those tasks comes a wealth of helpful data. While a drone mission may be intended to provide the company with imaging, mapping, or a short video, the volume of data gathered during a flight can provide additional insights or benefits that a company may inadvertently overlook. In fact, many businesses are unaware of the long-term data capabilities that drones provide.

When it comes to understanding the full capabilities of drones, it is important to clarify what drone data is, how the data can be analyzed and used to generate reports, and how that data can be used to benefit your business.

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