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Flight denial on LAANC?


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Mar 7, 2024
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Flanders NJ
I have an upcoming mission right at the base of Stewart Airforce Base. Only a small portion of it is in line with the run way. I have a wavier created on FAADroneZone already, but my question is this: when putting the area into drone zone, i am prompted with "Operations at airports where the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) is active that do not require an operational waiver under 14 CFR 107.205 should use the LAANC automated capability. For a list of airports available for automated authorizations under LAANC, go to https://www.faa.gov/uas/getting_started/laanc.".

When i go to use Aloft, it tells me I need further clearance. I am going about this correctly by requesting the airspace?

Screenshot 2024-03-07 145551.png
I've had instances where I was caught in a Catch-22 where a LAANC grid existed but was not active yet, but the airspace authorization process through Drone Zone would tell me to use LAANC for that airport, I found that I could ignore that message and finish filling out the airspace authorization application, and simply include a note in the project description that LAANC was unavailable for that particular airport at the time. I received authorization within a couple of days.

btw.. If you are attempting to use LAANC to access a zero altitude cell, the only possible way to get authorization is to apply for airspace authorization through Drone Zone using the above mentioned procedure and include a note stating that you were unable to get LAANC authorization for a zero cell. My recommendation for a zero cell would to also keep your requested altitude under 100' AGL if you don't want to be rejected. It has been my experience that the FAA/ATC will never authorize a flight in a zero cell via LAANC, because they want to know your proposed operation in great detail due to its close proximity to the airport. So Aloft is not the route to take in this case. Good luck.
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A few things going on here.

First, you don't have a waiver, you have an airspace authorization. Two different things. But both come from the DroneZone. And if you already have an airspace authorization, why do you need another one? You're not clear on that. The FAA is even using the wrong language if that's the notification you're getting. I'll bring that up to them next week. I'll be seeing some of them at a conference.

Second, if you're including any part of the red area on LAANC, it won't work. Red areas mean you can't use LAANC at all.

Last, you can still apply for an airspace authorization when you get that notice. Just click through it and continue to fill out your application.

But you will need to use The Drone Zone.
I confirm what he said. I’ve had to get a lot of zero altitude autos and if you keep it under 100 feet you got a good chance of getting it..
If it’s real close to a runway, you may not get more than 50 that’s happened to me in which case the employer told me to do it manually my phone to which I replied yeah, no get a teenage mutant ninja turtle to do it

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