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Greetings from AZ!


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May 31, 2022
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New FAA Part 107 pilot here, hence my introduction!

I have a background in engineering (~9 year career in O&G), and currently finishing up my Masters of Landscape Architecture.

I've recently become really interested in drones and what they can do, especially for the field of landscape architecture and adjacent fields.

I'm considering starting my own business, assembling a very modest fleet of drones, and I'm looking at some niche markets. Still need to do more market research, but I see some potential in the following:

- Vineyard health analysis (lots of vineyards within a days drive for me).
- golf course health analysis
- golf course mapping (before, during & after golf course architecture projects)
- landscape architecture site inventory & analysis, mapping & virtual tours (finished projects)
- research (there's certainly some potential for projects I'm working on and others I know that are working on)
- etc.

I think my background gives me a unique edge to break-in to some of these more niche roles. However, I still need to do an in-depth marker analysis to see if there is any need for these "products" that I've identified. Just because I've identified this potential doesn't mean people are willing to pay for these products, or pay an amount that makes the venture worthwhile.

I'm thinking of starting off with a couple of P4P drones (including a multispectral), and going from there. I'm not going to be doing any surveying (there's surveyors for that, laws, etc.), but wonder if RTK P4P drones provide any advantages to work I'm trying to do - I'll have to do research on that.

Anyways, that's me in a nutshell and my potential drone aspirations. Excited to join the community!

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