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Greg from Pilot Institute Claims RID will be delayed.


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Jul 2, 2020
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His latest youtube video claims that RID will be delayed - not sure until when, He claims the FAA is working out the details.
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We are HOPING they'll make an official announcement any day now. When they do, watch how crazy all the social media streams BLOW UP with everyone trying to be the first or get the most "views" etc lol. It's going to get silly LOL.
Well my understanding is that DJI will release RID for M2P in December, so I need that delay.
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Well my understanding is that DJI will release RID for M2P in December, so I need that delay.

I just added the Drone Tag Beacon to my inventory last week. I have a really good Firmware version (it's unlocked) and not willing to lose that bonus so I went with the Add-On unit instead.
Same here with the P4P, BigAl07. My firmware is years old and I do not want to update to a firmware that might have more restrictions than I currently have, even if RID eventually comes to the P4Pv1. I'll just be attaching a beacon.
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FAA Extends Remote ID Enforcement Date Six Months​

Drone pilots who are unable to comply with the broadcast requirement of the Remote ID Rule will now have until March 16, 2024, to equip their aircraft. After that date, operators could face fines and suspension or revocation of pilot certificates.

In making this decision, the FAA recognizes the unanticipated issues that some operators are experiencing finding some remote identification broadcast modules.

Drone pilots can meet this deadline by purchasing a standard Remote ID equipped drone from a manufacturer or purchasing a Remote ID broadcast module which can be affixed to existing drones that do not have Remote ID equipment.

Remote ID acts like a digital license plate and will help the FAA, law enforcement, and other federal agencies find the control station when a drone appears to be flying in an unsafe manner or where it is not allowed to fly.

Learn more here.
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RID Delayed to March 16 2024 for more discussions about the Deferred Enforcement of RID:


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