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Luanching Drone


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Jun 9, 2023
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United States of America
Came across this at my local park. I know that they don't have any jurisdiction over the air space. But was wondering if I could launch my drone off the top of my car or from my trunk or dose the fact that it is on the park property still count as launching on the property? 20240331_120155.jpg
Umm, yeah pretty sure it does.

Not sure under what logic you think you are going to get a pass doing it that way. I mean unless you posses levitation tech what do you plan to park that car on or stand on while you fly there boss?

If you are there for a commercial purpose (like, the city hired you to do a job there) I'd say your safe to ignore that. Personally I fly a lot of places that recreational flights would be frowned upon, but I'm there at the request of the controlling party not just to goof off.

Best way not to run afoul of folks is don't come up with cheesy "loopholes" to rules. If you got a right to do something, stand up for it, but don't play stupid games with intelligent people, you'll win stupid prizes.
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You're still OPERATING from their property. This "loop hole" has been debunked many many times. If you are ON their property in any capacity you are to follow their rules and play nice.
Unrelated. Starting up / flying your drone off your car could cause issues with startup / calibration. Assuming your car is made of steel.
electronic Compasses/gyros/receivers can often be negatively affected by steel surfaces during startup/calibration. This includes concrete areas with steel in the ground. Just sayin.

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