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New Command Case solution


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Jul 14, 2019
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Boardwalk Empire, New Jersey
I have always wanted/needed a good solution for having a portable, sunlight viewable monitor with its own power.

I found this SEETEC solution that checked all of my boxes.

My quick review:

  • The 1000 nits does allow you to view in direct sunlight, but of course 1500 nit or more would be more preferrable and better
  • 1080p resolution with multiple HDMI inputs
  • The fit and finish makes my work's Fire House Technology command case look like it was assembled by a child
  • It accepts multiple power inputs
  • I use the V-Mount battery solution. 2 REYTRIC 190Wh(13400mAh) V Mount/V-Lock Batteries
  • It only pulls 40 to 60 watts on full brightness
  • The batteries are located in the case bottom under a panel, with room to store other gear
  • I also can plug into a power bank/generator with the included cord
  • You can mount it on a quickly removable speaker stand. I now have a nice area for other mission equipment
  • You have mounts to mount your controller and other devices
Overall this thing rocks. If you order directly from China, you can get this as low as $699 if you don't mind waiting several weeks.

I am very happy with it. The only thing I hate is that the case does not have wheels.
The fit and finish is very professional and this thing gets comments from all who view it.
I had purchased the Fire House Technology version before I found this solution for my job and it is a mess with its drone cutout foam interior having its power supply and other hardware jammed in. It looks so amateur.

I have plans to install a small mini PC under the bottom panel. I can then use Flight Hub 2 on this while in the field.
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