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Record flight track?


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Sep 1, 2022
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Hi. I am doing a single shot commercial where I fly a complex path indoors. Is there any way to record my exact flight path and replay it so I can direct the action whe the drone Flys itself? Probably wishful thinking.

I'm using a DJI Avata.

I'd have to check their instruction manual, but I have flown it inside before. It uses cameras for positioning so it is very hard to get it to bump into things. You can read about their keyframe feature and decide for yourself. I don't think there is anything else out that comes close to what they're looking for.
Ok so my 2 cents is that if your setting is a warehouse or garage or commercial property then Skydio key frames could work fine to be able to setup a series of indoor waypoints and have the drone fly it while you point the camera etc. If it is a tighter space like a house it will be challenging without purchasing their absurdly expensive enterprise software which allows for the drone to be much closer to obstacles.

I flew around my small home and with a 36” buffer on every side of the drone there wasn’t much room to fly or go from room to room. Hopefully I haven’t derailed your thread too much.

Since you already have the DJI drone is it possible to practice the flight a bunch, then complete a few good takes to get the shots you need? I don’t see anything online about the Avata or FPV ever getting any waypoint type support.

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