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Mr. Still...Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your excellent instruction on the Gold Seal site. It has been a great source of periodic review over the past few years. Thanks again!
Hello. I'm new to the group. I'm an Art Director with my FAA Part 107 license. Currently furloughed and looking for commercial and/or private drone work. Have a great day.
I see you're operating out of SoCal. I'm from Grand Terrace myself. Work takes me in between Hawaii, Cali, Alaska and Canada. Good to see someone else in the area doing something. Been there for 4 years already, but currently in Canada on a gig.
your just around the corner, I'm in San Bernardino
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Keep me in mind if you end up splitting this up. I need a backup Flir sensor for my inspections. Good luck with sale!
Awesome picture at the bottom! Would you be willing to share it? I promise not to use it for anything other than a screensaver. Here's another perspective. Just a screen snip.

vsa image download
www.mccubbinaerial.com i used to have one at www.mccubbinaerialphoto.com but it was wix and a mess so i scraped it and switched to wordpress. I have done like local citations, schema, and website speed from gigs. My site being so new is hard and Google makes it soo scary about backlinks or at least the stigma from it.
Thanks again it is very apperciated. I just want an idea of what to do next or what to fix. I know content then linkbuilding but that seems insanely difficult, are nice high DA backlinks one by one from a reputuable seller still really risky?
Ilan Yusim
Ilan Yusim
Hi I wrote you a really long answer but it seems like this messaging system is limited to 420 characters per message.
What's your email? I'll send you everything there.
Regarding the Phantom 4 - What camera specs do you need for your EMS project? The Phantom 4 only comes with a 12 Megapixel camera. It is the phantom 4 pro and beyond that have the 20 Megapixel camera. Just a thought.
I am actually just looking for a crappy older drone for demos if folks want to try their hand at a short flight or controlling this sticks in the air. No way they are touching my M200 :)
Do you still have the original Matrice 600 HDMI board for the controller? Thanks, Mike
Hi all, I’m new to this forum and to drones. I’m wanting some advice on building a drone please. It will be encased in a hard heavy plastic 750mm square and 70mm high, the total weight should be about 7lbs. It needs to land in a predetermined location and ideally the blades be within the plastic case. So my question is: is this doable and what’s the sort of equipment would you recommend. Many thanks.

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