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Stormbee develop and sell UAV in combination with FARO lidars. Our team will organize demonstration days on May 14th - 15th. We are looking for a location in UK (by preference Midlands) where we can do flights. this can be in collaboration with partners.

Can anyone guide us?
NAR, is tablet-based app that allows you to transform your pictures into information on-the-fly by efficiently labeling, organizing, packaging and sharing the huge amount of pictures collected. NAR has completed over 5,000 inspections globally in the sectors of energy, utility, engineering, governments and many more.
Thank you for the response. I think trying to work with the Fire Departments is going to be tough without knowing any of the folks. Seems they might be pretty tight lipped with outsiders. I will try and meet them and see where it goes.

What drone(s) do you have? I have an M210RTK w/Datalink Pro GS, Inspire 2, Mavic 2 Zoom and a Mavic Pro. I will be taking the recurrent test at the Air Force Academy in the Springs. I recently retired from the communications industry and am now just flying drones. Life is good!

Thats Fantastic! Just got the Mavic2 Pro and just recently passed 107. I work for a skylight manufacturing company, from large commercial Cathedral type to residential curb mounts so I feel I a have a great opportunity many roofing companies and contractors etc, I am feeling overwhelmed on how to exactly proceed along with my current duties. I know i can make more in 1/2 hr than I can in 8 hrs at the 9-5 168$
Hello Guys,

I've been flying DJI drones for 2 years now. Received my Part 107 in July 2017. My background is in Construction Engineering and most of my work is aerial documentation of construction projects for contractors, Architects and facility owners. Currently I have no desire to get into LIDAR surveying but I'll have to see where the market goes over the next couple of years. Any comments about LIDAR?
Hey Gord,
we are currently trying to stumble through our first SFOC. If I was to email you the completed doc could you give us a few pointers on what we might be missing?
Sure not problem, the first one is a tough one.
Hello all. Just joined. Am in Monterey, CA. Builiding dronesofmonterey.com. YouTube channel is Drones of Monterey.
My Inspire 2 has finally arrived with the X4s. Next week my X7 and 16/2.8 arrives. Very excited about adding this to my overall kit.

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