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Is the P4 RTK still available?
yes I am going to part with this survey quad- flight logs available if rqd. Battery log etc , receipts and all equipment, including DRTK 2 GNSS base available for 8907.60 (exchange rate from pounds sterling 6,500) If you are still interested please let me know
Best wishes
Chris Chase
UAV Videography
perhaps negotiate the price a little?? thanks
Thanks for the update Tom. Glad to hear he is doing better. I'll try to reach out again this afternoon.

Hi Tom. I haven't heard from JD in awhile and was hoping he was all right. Know he has been battling Cancer and last time I spoke to him, he was finished with Chemo and trying to get off the meds. Tried calling him a few times, but no reply
John Kerrins
JD is slowly getting back up to speed. The Chemo hit him hard, he was put in the hospital 3 times for Sepsis after the Chemo. Took his appetite and stamina the hardest. I have been up to see him a couple times since he finished the Chemo. I got him out flying for a couple hours in July.


JD's Ph
[email protected]
I ask about the drone as one company I do contract work for requires Mavic 2 Pro’s, others don’t care as long as it’s a 20mp or better camera. I prefer using my Evo2 Pro when there aren’t other requirements. Evo 8k/48mp camera is an option if needed. 2 drones 9 batteries let’s go ;)
Good morning!

I‘m located in Reno, Nevada placing me in great proximity to lots of Northern California. I’d be thrilled to be part of your project. What equipment do your contractors need to have (any specific drone or minimum resolution level etc, accessories, 4 wheel drive, PPE, software, DSLRs, etc.)?
I've been doing construction documentation for over three years now. Working on a 15 miles of roadway and a water treatment plant currently. Videoed the roadway prior to construction for pre construction road condition. Will be doing videos, panos, and mapping of entire project.

What is it you are looking for?
I have a customer that asked me for an Inspire 2 Refresh Code. Travis Clark is his name. 757-812-4064 If you want to sell him one he said something about the DJI site was down to buy them. We have opted not to sell consumer care and have people buy them directly from DJI. We have just had too many issues with unhappy customers. so Travis is all yours if you can help him.
Mr. Still...Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your excellent instruction on the Gold Seal site. It has been a great source of periodic review over the past few years. Thanks again!
Hello. I'm new to the group. I'm an Art Director with my FAA Part 107 license. Currently furloughed and looking for commercial and/or private drone work. Have a great day.
I see you're operating out of SoCal. I'm from Grand Terrace myself. Work takes me in between Hawaii, Cali, Alaska and Canada. Good to see someone else in the area doing something. Been there for 4 years already, but currently in Canada on a gig.
your just around the corner, I'm in San Bernardino
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